Julian Black's C. V.

I have an honours degree in Film, Drama and Art from Reading University.

After graduation I worked as an animator and went on to found ‘Community Animation Wales’.

After this I worked as a sound and lighting engineer, which ultimately lead to my becoming a professional nightclub DJ for 8 years.

During this period, I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of good flyer designers. Each week I would spend many hours on the ‘phone trying to describe to the flyer companies what I’d like them to produce but invariably they’d deliver a generic design, often filled with typos.

Fortunately I’d been trained as a desktop publisher during the setting up of the animation company a few years before, so I decided that I should put my money where my mouth was and try to create something better than our current designers.

Before long I was getting more work designing publicity for various nightclubs throughout South Wales and the West Country than I was as a DJ and since I was effectively juggling two careers, one of them had to go.

Although I had enjoyed my time on the peripheries of the music industry, ultimately my choice was easy and I’ve never regretted it.

10 years experience as a print designer, working mostly for myself but also freelance for a couple of medium sized print companies again created new opportunities for me and I took up digital photography to be able to offer my clients a bespoke image service.

7 years ago I designed my first website and since then web design and web development has become the major part of my business. Web accessibility has since become something of a passion which has led to my membership of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers.

I won an award for digital art in 2003 at the inaugural Golden Pixil awards in Cardiff.

I recently became an approved supplier of web design services for Business Link Gloucestershire.

My photographs have appeared in several magazines and are currently featured as downloadable desktop wallpapers on the 'nature detectives' website run by the Woodland Trust and are used in several downloadable 'factfile' PDFs from the Government's own Countryside Access website.

My skills in brief

Web design

  • Accessible web design using semantic markup of Xhtml and CSS to comply as closely as possible with W3C guidelines and the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Accessible dynamic elements will be implemented via PHP and JavaScript.
  • Accessible conversion and integration of multimedia elements like Flash or Shockwave Video.
  • Search Engine Optimisation including setup and administration of pay per click promotional campaigns. i.e. Google Adwords.
  • Design and setup of accessible e-commerce sites or online shops including eBay integration.
  • Accessible 'Blog' design using Wordpress.
  • Accessible Content Management System design.
  • eFlyer design - sending newsletters or updates to mailing lists and making sure they're optimised for all main systems including Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

Print design

  • Logo and branding design.
  • Illustration.
  • Brochure design.
  • Menu design.
  • Business stationery design including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and branded Microsoft Word templates.
  • Large format poster design.
  • Flyer design.
  • Poster design.
  • Print broker - I'll find a good deal when it comes to getting your work printed.


  • I'm an experienced digital photographer specialising in British natural history and landscapes.
  • These skills are easily transferred to product and location photography.
  • Creative direction - I'm happy to offer my creative input if your brief is lacking.
  • If I can't produce the images you need myself, I'm experienced in using stock image libraries.
  • Image editor - I'm an advanced Photoshop user and can easily repair old or damaged photographs, retouch existing shots or add special effects.


  • I'm an experienced proof reader and a 'Plain English' pedant.
  • I'm also a skilled copywriter.